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illusion_in_red's Journal

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To the people.
1]Once you find some one, make a special banner that informs us that, that person is yours. And we shall add your names to the info for the community.

2] Add information about your self.
Ex: name, location, age, hobbies,
Interests, pictures. ext. This is a must!

Community Rules:

This is a peaceful environment. Those who fail to remember this rule will be not be given access to post here.

This community is open to ALL people, no matter what their sexual preference might be, their ethnicity is, or what views they may have. Discriminatory comments of any nature are frowned upon and will immediately be deleted. You will be denied posting access.

Although this community was created for singles, couples have the opportunity to post too. Positive commentary is welcome!

This community may contain explicit content; LiveJournalians under the age of 12 join at their own discretion.