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Yay for cute Gothic Boys!!

So I'm sure the whole community cares about my man-problems, but I'm just so very happy and excited that I have found the cutest goth boy to be mine EVER. I MUST share.
He is formerly from the Ukraine so he still has a tiny bit of his accent from the "old country" as he puts it, but he has lived here for many years. His name is Vitaly, and the funniest part about all this is the fact that he came up to me. This hardly ever happens and if it does, it's usually by someone I would deem frightening in my ever-growing list of "People Not To Date". I'm not that harsh that I would reject that many people, but for some reason lately, I've been having the most frightening individuials coming on to me. It takes a lot to scare me. I'm a scary little goth girl. I strike terror into the hearts of the general public. Mothers hold their children close as I walk by (seriously, that HAS happened). Most of the PNTD group has had mullets. Why people still think this is attractive boggles the mind. That look was old in the 80's.
But yeah. So I finally have a non-insane or mullet-bearing man to swoon to. I am quite giddy and now plan on taking my cheery little cloud of gloom and doom and spreading it upon the campus population.
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