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newbie to the community...wooo

so yeah...
a friend showed me this community...
and i was bored so i thought i would join...

(here's me..this is totally how i look in person and stuff...i mean you know how some pictures make a person look different than they do in real life...well this one really captures th real me)

- i'm 20
- from Sacramento California..
- born and raised there..
- a virgin to pretty much everything...(ie girlfriend, sex, kissing, job, etc...)
- i love music....and i don't limit myself to one type of music...i listen to pretty much everything...though i tend to listening to a lot of emo, trance, indie, synth pop, and experimental rock..
- i'm into asian things...though not obsessivly...
- i'm weird and silly and stuff like that..
if you wnat to know more, check out my profile, kyuusai or my most recent survey thingy

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